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419 E. Kirkwood Down the alley from Nick’s Appetizers Salads Welcome to Gregg and Susan’s Osteria.

We craft our menu with fresh, local ingredients every day. Our food is made with love.

From our family to yours, buon appetito!


Vino White 


Stella Pinot Grigio

Light-bodied and crisp with hints of pear and apple.  Glass 8 | Bottle 29

Stella Rosa Peach Moscato

Refreshing semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that will enlighten your palate with notes of white peach and honey. Glass 10 | Bottle 35

Donnafugata Anthilia

Fresh and fruity bouquet with notes of peach combined with scents of wildflowers. Glass 12 | Bottle 42

Tribute Monterey Chardonnay

Rounded wine with aromas of ripe pear, crisp apple, and bright citrus met with decadent vanilla and crème brûlée through the mid-palate and finish. Glass 11 | Bottle 36

Di Asti La Maranzana Moscato

Sweet and refreshing flavors of fresh fruit, peach, and afternotes of wild honey. Glass 12 | Bottle 45

Line 39 Sauvigon Blanc California

Subtle aromas of grapefruit, lemon citrus. Glass 12 | Bottle 40

Terre Siciliane Grillo

An indigenous varietal to Sicily, Irmàna Grillo is a hand-harvested wine produced in a sustainable way. Floral, intense, and complex with clear notes of Mediterranean flora. Glass 12 | Bottle 42

Chateau Mezain White Bordeaux

Citrus and green apples combine with spices and vanilla flavors for a lively acidic crisp finish. Glass 14 | Bottle 50  

Gibbs Chardonnay

Barrel-aged in French oak. Aromas of vanilla bean and stone fruits give a buttery, full-bodied taste, with juicy pear, ripe melon, and hints of honey. Bottle 62



Vino Rosé


K Vinters Rosé

Delicate, faint pink Rosé made from 100% Sangiovese grapes. Fresh, with hints of melon, berries, honeysuckle, strawberry, cherry, and resounding minerality that leads to a long finish. Glass 10 | Bottle 37


Vino Red


A sweet, chilled red. Fresh fruits and spices. Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Scents of plum, summer red apple, and violet. Well-rounded and full-bodied. Glass 8 | Bottle 29

Deep-ruby garnet in color, the fruit-forward nose exhibits black cherry and spice followed by a lush, medium-full bodied palate and a rich fruit finish. Aged in American and French oak for 12 months to give it depth. Glass 9 | Bottle 34

Vanilla undertones. Ripe cherry, strawberry, and raspberry aromas. Aged in oak. Glass 9 | Bottle 32

Brilliant ruby red with a fresh, fruity, and flowery bouquet. Clean to the palate with fragrant sensations of ripe red fruit. Glass 11 | Bottle 38

Full-bodied with enticing floral aromas, this red blend boasts robust character of dark cherries and ripe blackberries followed by hints of licorice and chili peppers. Glass 10 | Bottle 35

Luscious berry and ripe cherry on the nose. Hints of vanilla and fresh herb on the palate. Glass 10 | Bottle 37

Deep color, rich fruit, and crisp acidity. Bottle | 45

Traces of violet, harmonic balance between savory and dry. Glass 10 | Bottle 45

Rich layers of blackberry and black currant, with hints of vanilla. Glass 14 | Bottle 47

Bright ruby red wine, with the aroma of walnuts, almonds, and spices. Glass 14 | Bottle 50

Cherry, plum, and coffee notes blend to give freshness and vibrancy to this rich red. Bottle | 54

Complex fruit notes, raspberries, and candied fruits. Vanilla and spicy notes linger on the palate. Glass 15 | Bottle 56

Rich nose of blackberry, smoky leather, and dried herbs, with layers of plum and cherry. Bottle | 59

Fig, almond, notes of fruit, medium body, complex flavor profile.    Bottle | 60

Aged two years including one year in American and French oak barrels. Garnet in color with delicate cherry aromas. Medium bodied with flavors of black cherry, firm tannin and balanced acidity leading to a nice finish. Bottle | 64

Intense ruby red color with orange highlights, fresh bouquets with hints of rose, blackberry, and black currant. | Bottle 65

2018 vintage that offers aromas of earthy fresh soil, scents of plum, wild berry, and spices to combine for a smooth, rich, complex taste. Bottle | 80

Rich articulated bouquet of blackberries, sour cherries, and blueberry jam. Nuances of cloves and cinnamon complement the mix of fruits. Bottle | 90

Ripe black cherries, tantalizing dusty smell of French oak. Hints of dark fruits and black pepper. Bottle | 92


Cocktails and Vino Sparkling 


Glass | 12

Glass | 12


187 ML Bottle 12 | 750ML Bottle 36

(Oliver Winery) Exceptionally delicious and perfectly refreshing. Crisp and light. | Bottle 13.99